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Earn points toward great rewards and prizes by completing the tasks below.

Welcome to the Medamints Ambassadors Program. This new and exciting rewards program was created to give back to our greatest fans and promote awareness of the Medamints brand. You are among a select few to become our first Medamints Ambassadors and will earn points that can be redeemed for Medamints product discounts and Medamints swag.

As a Medamints Ambassador, we want you to share your appreciation and enthusiasm for our products with your friends and family. Those countless times you’ll be asked about your cool Medamints t-shirt, tell them Medamints is your favorite edible and you can’t wait for them to try it. More importantly, we need you to support us in the marketplace by shopping for us and asking your favorite dispensaries to carry us. The greatest recommendation a dispensary can get is your personal testimonial.

Our Ambassadors will get a backstage pass to our business. We will keep you in the loop with new and exciting developments at Medamints. Our regular followers on social media will hear about new locations and sales. But as an Ambassador, we also extend the following:

  • Access to exclusive Medamints gear
  • Exclusive discounts & Free product
  • Invitations to taste events and private parties
  • Juicy insider details
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