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medamints - exotic chai cannabis mints

MED•a•mints Exotic Chai Mint (HYBRID)

A smooth blend of cinnamon and ginger with exotic herbs and spices. combined with exotic herbs and spices such as green tea, cardamom, nutmeg, and premium hybrid cannabis strains.

MED•a•mints are a cannabis infused edible carefully formulated to deliver a dependable dose of 10 mg THC per mint. Each mint is score marked for an optional 5 mg THC dose. This makes it easy to maintain the right medication level for you!

  • 10 mg THC per mint
  • 250 mg THC mints per bottle total (CO medical dispensaries)
  • medamints are sold in child-resistant bottles
  • medamints meet all state regulations

For the fastest uptake and best metabolism, let the mint melt under the tongue, or between cheek and gums. Warning: according to one study* this can increase the potency by an average of 5 times versus ingestion via the digestive tract and liver.

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