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Medamints Energizing Vanilla Cannabis Mints

MED•a•mints are the best tasting marijuana mints in the world!

MED•a•mints are marijuana infused mints. We are proudly founded in Colorado – the first state to legalize marijuana. Soon our delicious marijuana infused mints will be available in many other states which have legal marijuana. We definitely live in a golden age!

As MED•a•mints become available in more states, we will make announcements on the MED•a•mints facebook page and right here on our official MED•a•mints website.

If the state you live in, does not have legal marijuana, you might consider getting involved with the legalization movement. Write your congressman and the United States President to let them know you support the legalization of marijuana.

In the meantime, on your next vacation come visit us in Colorado for some epic hiking and skiing. Stop by a local cannabis dispensary to grab some tasty MED•a•mints to try while you are visiting.

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