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Microdosing – What Is It And Why Are MEDAMINTS The Best Edible For Microdosing?

Microdosing – What is it and why are MEDAMINTS the best edible for microdosing?

Microdosing sounds like a technical, perhaps challenging, way to consume cannabis. The good news is it’s not! You don’t need a microscope, a beaker, or anything for that matter. All you need is your MEDAMINTS and some patience. Microdosing is the practice of using as little cannabis as possible to unlock its medicinal properties. Generally, this means reaping the benefits of cannabis without feeling the mind-altering effects. The benefits of microdosing are numerous and range from maximizing the medicinal effects of cannabis to allowing people to be highly functional as they medicate themselves. Below, we will discuss what microdosing is, why we do it, how we do it, and who should consider trying it.

Using less cannabis to achieve better results may seem counterintuitive. How is less more, especially with a substance that has psychoactive effects that seem to increase with use? For starters, differences in our metabolism, consumption patterns, and endocannabinoid systems cause us all to experience cannabis differently. For some, the mind-altering effects of cannabis can be overwhelming or cause anxiety. For others, the physical effects are too powerful or sedative. Microdosing avoids these common problems by allowing us to experience the beneficial properties of cannabis without the buzz. It is not only unnecessary to achieve a mind-altering state from cannabis, but it may be counterproductive if your primary reason for using cannabis is to improve your health.

Busy professionals, athletes, students, and parents are microdosing to elevate their moods, boost creativity, and ease pain and inflammation. If you’re someone who could benefit from cannabis, but can’t do it because you’ve got a busy life and wish to avoid the buzz, microdosing may be the ideal way to explore cannabis as a treatment option. The process of microdosing is straightforward: begin with a two-day period of abstinence to reset your endocannabinoid system, and then start low, go slow!

I use cannabis for inflammation from regular exercise. Prior to microdosing, I was using as much as 50 milligrams a day. My decision to microdose was two-fold: I wanted to save money and needed more energy throughout the day. After abstaining from cannabis for two days, I was ready to begin the process. I started by taking half a mint, 2.5 mg, four times a day for three days, or 10 mg daily. The inflammation I experienced over this period of time signaled that I wasn’t getting enough cannabinoids. Accordingly, I increased my dose to a full 5 mg MEDAMINT four times a day, or 20 mg daily. This was my optimal dose: relief from pain, yet total mental clarity! Moreover, I cut my consumption in half and was and immediately putting money back in my pockets! In discovering your ideal dose, always remember to begin with a tolerance break, then start low, go slow, and be consistent. You may also find that adjustments for tolerance or changing needs may be necessary.

Another important thing to consider as you microdose is how cannabis gets into your body. Medamints are made to melt in your mouth for sublingual absorption. Sublingual administration is a faster, fuller way of getting cannabinoids into your body. Consuming your MEDAMINTS sublingually means putting it underneath your tongue to slowly dissolve and deliciously melt away. The mint is rapidly absorbed by the dense network of capillaries that surround it, sending cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream. This avoids the extra time and degradation other edibles experience as they pass through your stomach and liver. This is known as avoiding the first pass. MEDAMINTS’ sublingual uptake is perfect for microdosing because you get faster, fuller relief with great convenience and control over your experience.

Each mint is formulated with 5 mg of THC and combined with specially formulated botanical ingredients. As you enjoy MEDAMINTS, please remember to always to be safe and keep your edibles out of the reach of children and pets. Whether you’re microdosing to improve focus, reduce stress, or ease the pain, you will find that MEDAMINTS are designed to deliver the benefits of cannabis in a convenient, consistent, and healthy form.


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