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Why Medamints Is The Smart Edible

Why Medamints is the Smart Edible

If Albert Einstein used cannabis, how do you think he would enjoy it? Do you picture him puffing on a smokey swisher while rolling in his ‘64? Or do you imagine him in some quaint hardwood library, curiously poised over a chess table, and drawing a mint from a silver tin as he contemplates the meaning of life? We think his choice would be a conscious one. Form and function would be co-equals. Medamints is The Smart Edible because it’s like a perfect equation: When you combine a smart form, smart ingredients, and a smart delivery system, you get a high-value, no-downside, delicious experience. That is perfect. That is Medamints.  

No one wants to eat more edibles than they should, consume more calories than they should, or eat more sugar than they should. We’re intelligent people and want the best for our health and happiness. The Smart Edible, Medamints were created with a passion for making the best choices for our body and minds. The list of reasons Medamints are the smart choice is long.

First, Medamints were envisioned as a form of cannabis that would transcend the barriers that have stood between people and their first cannabis experience. Like aspirin, Medamints would be a familiar, discreet, and convenient way of accessing and using a wellness product. Second, form meets function in the different ways Medamints can be used: chew and swallow or melt-in-your-mouth. Chew and swallow is the classic way we consume edibles: the onset occurs in one to two hours and lasts for as long as eight hours. Melt-in-your-mouth ingestion is used for a faster onset and more consistent effects.   

Getting the form right was half the battle. Medamints were also created with the idea that having the best, most wholesome ingredients was essential to our formula for success. its recipe was crafted so that everyone could enjoy them regardless of dietary restrictions or lifestyle needs. Medamints are sugar-free, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. They are also a vegan edible and only made with non-GMO ingredients. We like to think they have nothing bad for your body and only the good stuff for your mind.

As you enjoy Medamints, we hope that you think of other adults and loved ones who may need cannabis but have never tried it. Medamints’ form, ingredients, and delivery system make it a great choice for first-timers. The smart cannabis activism is not about convincing others that cannabis is great for you. It’s about convincing a loved one that cannabis, and Medamints, is right for them. Your friends and family are waiting for you. Tell them about The Smart Edible and how tasting happy never felt so good.

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